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Releasing trauma, stress and chronic illness patterns out of your body

Energy Psychology

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Why Energy Psychology?

In my quest to recover my health from what I then thought was chronic fatigue, I wanted to explore new tools that could release trauma from my body and free my energy to heal.  My therapist took me to her consultant Wayne McCleskey, M.Th., LMFT for what I thought would be an EMDR session.  He instead used Energy Psychology, which he found more effective.  In one session I was able to free myself from deep seated fears about being safe in the world that I had been working on for more than two decades without success. I immediately determine to specialize in Energy Psychology and trained with Wayne and have since studied several different modalities.

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How Can Energy Psychology Help Me?

Energy Psychology is particularly effective in providing rapid emotional relief from trauma, fears and phobias, anxiety, depression and grief and loss issues.  It is very efficient in releasing the charge of negative or limiting beliefs. It has also been successfully used in weight loss and smoke cessation.

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What is Energy Psychology?

Energy Psychology is an umbrella term used to describe several related approaches that combine psychological interventions with the simultaneous stimulation of specific point in the acupuncture meridians. The systematic activation of the meridians allows the energy to move and unlock mental blockages or emotional charges. Some of the modalities of Energy Psychology are Thought Field Therapy created by Roger Callahan, Ph. D., Thought Energy Synchronization created by Greg Nicosia, Energy Diagnosis and Treatment Method, created by Fred Gallo and Emotional Freedom Techniques, created by Gary Craig.

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How Does Energy Psychology Work?

When a person undergoes a traumatic experience, it not only affects its thought patterns and emotions, it also produces an imbalance in the person’s energy system.  If later this person encounters a similar situation or even thinks about it, this thought field activates the imbalance in the energy system. The body responds the change in the energy system by reproducing, to a greater or lesser extent, the nervous, hormonal, chemical and cognitive activity that occurs when we were in the real situation. We commonly refer to this phenomena as “charge” as in a “charged situation” or ‘charged emotion.”  It is this charge that makes change difficult and that produces that sensation of stuckness that we many time experience in some areas of our lives. The intervention on the energy meridians helps the energy to move and to release this charge. The treatment allows the client to recover emotional, cognitive and physiological balance by eliminating the blockages to the energy flow associated with the thought field.

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What Does a Treatment Look Like?

The treatment starts by you discussing with your practitioner the specific problem you want to work with. The problem can be a fear, a phobia, trauma, a feeling of anger, guilt, loss etc.  Your practitioner will ask you to rate the intensity of the problem in a scale from 0-10, with 10 representing maximum distress.

Next your practitioner will ask you to focus your attention in the problem selected and use neuromuscular feedback (muscle testing-see explanation below) to check if the problem you selected is indeed affecting your energy system (see the explanation below about muscle testing). Before proceeding with the treatment, your practitioner will check if you are psychologically reversed.  A psychological reversal is a state in which your energy is flowing backwards, and it is experienced as stuckness, negative attitudes and self sabotaging behavior.  The psychological reversal needs to be corrected because this state prevents healing and blocks otherwise effective treatments from working.  Reversal are easily solved by stimulating a specific acupressure point while focusing in a particular thought.

The next step is to check for and correct what is called Neurological Disorganization.  The Neurological Disorganization is akin to the breaker in an electric circuit that interrupts the circuit when it is overcharged. Our bodies respond to excess stress by a similar disconnection process, that many people call “switching,” characterized by confusion of left and right, saying the opposite of what one means, reversing letters or numbers or names, and a feeling of clumsiness. Neurological Disorganization needs to be resolved so that the treatment can proceed quickly and take hold.

The final step in the process is to test different meridian points to see which ones are imbalanced, and discover the particular sequence of corrections that are needed. Your practitioner will teach you how to tap yourself to balance your meridians.  After the treatment is done, your practitioner will ask you again to think about the problem as clearly and as negatively as possible and rate the distress.  The distress will be close to zero, unless there are related beliefs or issues that can then be identified and worked on till the distress level gets to zero.  Your practitioner will provide you with the specific tapping sequence so that you can use it at home, should the problem re-emerge. Many problems resolve completely during the session, but others need further reinforcement to get the energy system back to balance.

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How Does MuscleTesting/Neuromuscular Feedback Work?

Neuromuscular feedback (also known as muscle testing)  allows us to check the subconscious for limiting beliefs, perceptions or stress. Muscle testing is an extremely effective way to communicate with the subconscious because this part of the mind also controls muscle tone and movements. When the subconscious is presented with a statement it believes to be false, or that causes stress, it sends a delayed or disrupted nervous signal to the muscle being tested.  The false statement produces a weak muscle test, whereas a statement that is consistent with unconscious beliefs, or a statement that does not cause stress, allows the muscle to remain strong.  So the muscle testing allows us to determine if the subconscious is holding a particular belief, or if a particular memory, emotion or thought is affecting your system.

Generally we test on an extended arm. The practitioner will put his or her hand over the wrist area and exert a light downward pressure.  Should you have shoulder problems, your facilitator will work with you to find an appropriate procedure.

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Testimonials from the Energy Psychology Community:


Since as far back as |I can remember I've been extremely anxious when driving. I've been able to drive but have never been able to enjoy the experience and would always be expecting the worse to happen when on the road. This of course made life very difficult for me as well as my family. Since doing the course I've had no difficulty driving at all and have been able to help my family and friends clear so many issues even over the phone. I'm thrilled with the tools and highly recommend the course to anyone and everyone.
Tom Reeves – Electrician


I have been grieving over the loss of my son in a car accident for over ten years. Despite the years having gone by I would still field grief at the thought of his sudden death and a deep sadness would come over me. Thanks to Thought Field Therapy I can now move on with my life.
Gwen Roberts - Singing teacher


I cleared my fear of heights within the first 10 minutes of learning TFT process. I put it to the test immediately by looking down from a 30ft balcony, which I could never have done before. I was also able to clear many other debilitating issues over the two days. I'm sure it will prove to be greatly beneficial in my practice as well.

Stephen Moore - Naturopath

Thought Field Therapy has healed my fear of heights which includes ladders, bridges and mountains. Very powerful yet simple process!
Cheryl Craig - enjoying retirement

Energy Psychology does not diagnose nor treat any specific illnesses.  It releases the burdens of trauma, stress and other emotional baggage from your body and frees the bodymind energy to heal itself. Please consult your medical practitioner for any health condition.  Energy Psychology is a perfect complementary treatment that will enhance the results and reduce the side effects of medical approaches.

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Your subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve!
Rewrite the “software” of your past and change the “printout” of your future.


Have you ever experienced setting a goal and then sabotaging it? Do you feel stuck in some areas of your life? Do you feel that you live and achieve well below your potential?  The reason why this happens is because there is conflict between your conscious goals and desires and your unconscious beliefs.

The results we get in our lives depend on how we react to what is happening in our environment.  Our reactions depend on how we perceive and interpret what is happening.  And we perceive and interpret the world not as it is, but through the filters of our beliefs, most of which are unconscious. That is why you see so many people that are bright and intelligent, but feel incapable; or people that are attractive but feel ugly, or wonderful persons that feel unworthy of love.

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How Can PSYCH-K™ Help Me?

There are many subconscious beliefs that lead to a person experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, lack of self confidence and self esteem, problems in relationships, lack of professional and financial success- all these conditions can be quickly improved and many times totally resolved by using PSYCH-K™ to transform the limiting beliefs into life enhancing beliefs- different beliefs will lead you to different actions and different results.

Our subconscious beliefs also have a great impact on our health.  Being overweight has a huge impact on your health and many people find difficulty in losing weight because they have beliefs that equate food with love, with safety from sexual abuse, or as an emotionally soothing mechanism. To reshape your body you may need to reshape your thoughts about it.

An entire spectrum of scientific studies support the findings that there is a “disease-resistant” as well as a “self-healing” personality. People with these personality traits enjoy better health than the population at large. Some of these traits are: enthusiasm, alertness, responsiveness, curiosity, security, self-esteem, and contentment. Additional qualities and attributes of healthy people are the ability to express anger, resolve fears, manage loss, forgive self and others, and to see the world filled with hope. Healthful traits are supported by healthful subconscious beliefs.

Many people have used Psych-K™ to support their healing process and find that their health issues start resolving more quickly when they align their unconscious beliefs with their health goals.

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Where Do Subconscious Beliefs Come From?

As we grow up, our brain draws conclusions about our experiences. These conclusions tell the brain how we should react in the future in order to survive.  Many of these conclusions developed early in life are vastly inaccurate: our brains had not yet developed critical thinking and we had limited information. This old programming composes most of the “software” on which our brain operates today.

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Why Are Subconscious Beliefs So Powerful?

Our subconscious beliefs are so powerful for at least three reasons. First our subconscious mind is associated with the oldest structures of the brain, whose main role is to ensure our physical survival. Our biology is designed so that any survival reaction takes precedence over other conscious functions. Second, the subconscious mind has a vastly superior processing capacity than our conscious mind. While our conscious mind can handle 1-3 events at a time and 40 bits of information per second, our unconscious mind can handle thousands of events at time (like all the biochemical and neuronal processes of our body) and 40 Million bits of information at a time.* Last but not least is the fact that we are not aware of our subconscious beliefs, and we cannot change what we are not aware of.
The power of the subconscious beliefs explains why most self-improvement methods relying on willpower, commitment and positive affirmations don't get the desired results: we are using tools that can only affect our conscious mind when the change needs to happen in our subconscious mind.

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What Is PSYCH-K™?

PSYCH-K™ is a safe, easy and effective method to change our limiting subconscious beliefs to life enhancing beliefs in a matter of minutes.  PSYCH-K™ used the knowledge accumulated in the Psychology field to identify the beliefs that will support your progress, with knowledge derived from Kinesiology and scientific research in brain dominance theory to access your subconscious mind. Once the desired belief is identified, your facilitator will guide you to adapt a body position that will get you in a “whole brain state” where the left and right hemispheres are in balanced, simultaneous communication with each other.  This whole brain state is a state of mind that allows change at the subconscious level. PSYCH-K™ is so gentle because there is no need to understand or remember the trauma that lead to the dysfunctional belief.

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What Does a PSYCH-K™ Session Look Like?

You will discuss with your facilitator an area of your life that you want to change.  Your facilitator will help you flesh out exactly how you would like your life to be in that area. Together you will distill that image into a life enhancing belief that is worded in a language your subconscious can understand, and that you truly resonate with.

The next step is to establish a procedure to communicate with your subconscious mind.  In  PSYCH-K™ we use neuromuscular feedback- also known as muscle testing-for that purpose (see the explanation in the Energy Psychology section about how muscle testing works).

The next step is to test if it is safe for you to change your belief at this point.  Sometimes we want to change a belief before we are ready.  A dysfunctional belief may have a protection function- examples could be belief that keep people from challenging abusive person in their lives, to shield themselves from feelings they cannot yet face etc.  You may need to create new supporting beliefs and coping abilities before you tackle those beliefs.
Next you test if your unconscious understands clearly your new belief or if it needs to have it clarify by using images and other sensations.  Then you check what procedure is most appropriate to employ to change the belief. These procedures are called balances.

The balancing process may involve for you to do some specific cross side movements to unblock access to one or both hemispheres, and to adopt a posture with your body that will prompt both hemispheres of your brain to communicate with each other while you process the new belief.

The final step is to check if your subconscious has already adopted the new belief and to brainstorm about actions you can take that will ensure the belief becomes active in your life- for instance, you may want to install the belief that you “easily and confidently search for a new job” and you then need to get home and write your resume, and apply for interviews to give your new belief an opportunity to manifest.

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When Will I Notice Changes?

Some people notice changes immediately and some during the next few hours and days. Some goals may have many limiting beliefs associated with them and may require more than one session to identify and change all the beliefs. However, clients usually notice that things have changed for them after the first session. Most find that they resolve their initial issue on an average of 2-3 sessions. Some clients schedule additional sessions to work on other goals or problems, or for a periodic tune-up

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Who Created PSYCH-K™?

Psych-K™ was created by psychotherapist Robert Williams, M.A.,  who studied many diverse healing approaches. The integration of all these different approaches came to him in a series of “intuitive leaps of consciousness”
*The User Illusion-Tor Norretranders Ch. 6 (The bandwidth of Counsciousness)

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Testimonials and Case Studies from the PSYCH-K™Community:


A 38 year old woman experienced a series of sequels from a gang rape at age 16.  Since that event she experienced a very uncomfortable buzzing in her stomach and deep shame whenever she saw the cuts and bruises from the attack. During the past years she was suffering from progressively worsening nightmares limiting her sleep to one to two hours at night and waking up drenched in sweat.   Anti-anxiety and anti depressant medications and two years of weekly psychotherapy did not help with these symptoms. In two Psych-K™ sessions the buzzing was gone and she was able to sleep five hours straight.  With further sessions she has been able to average 5-7 hours of sleep a night and the shame about her scars has disappeared.


A teenage boy had one or two anxiety attacks a day for about a month. Their onset was sudden, and the first in his life. The most severe attacks involved hyperventilation and feeling numb. Others manifested simply as trouble catching his breath. We did one simple PSYCH-K™ balance, and that was the end of his anxiety attacks.  Almost two years later he was still free of anxiety attacks,  with no PSYCH-K™ since, and no “reinforcement.”


"PSYCH-K™ has helped me through and out of depression that was killing me. To deal with issues without guilt or blame is a marvelous experience. The power and love of PSYCH-K™ has challenged, changed and channeled my life, energy and love. Thank You and God Bless You."

Chronic pain

One man reported a decrease in chronic back pain (on the subjective scale of 1 to 10) from “between 6 and 8” to “about a 2.” More important, he said, he felt “a lightness toward life” that he hadn’t experienced for many years.

High Blood Pressure:

The following letter came from a woman who studied Basic PSYCH-K™ with originator Rob Williams. “I’ve been using Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture to get off prescription drugs to lower my blood pressure that was dangerously high. Within a week of doing a VAK to the Future [a process of goal setting for the subconscious mind] I was able to quit the prescription drugs and within two weeks I was able to cut the herbs in half. In week three I stopped using the herbs. Acupuncture was stopped in week two after the VAK. During this time my BP continued to drop and is now normal. I sleep well, have lots of energy, and feel great!”

PSYCH-K™ does not diagnose nor treat any specific illnesses.  It releases the burdens of trauma, stress and other emotional baggage from your body and frees the bodymind energy to heal itself. Please consult your medical practitioner for any health condition.  PSYCH-KTM is a perfect complementary treatment that will enhance the results and reduce the side effects of medical approaches.

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