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Go to the well of deep love inside each of us. ~Rumi

Releasing trauma, stress and chronic illness patterns out of your body

About Abundant Life

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My Approach:

I believe the healing process is about discovering that your core is healthy, creative and balanced.  Healing is the process of deeply reconnecting to that core and allowing it to manifest at all levels of your being.  Therapy is not about you being defective in some way and needing to use some external approach to “fix” yourself.

At a very early age all humans develop unconscious beliefs about ourselves, others and the world.  The beliefs about ourselves usually have their origin in the way the people in our environment reflect back to us who they think we are.  Some of us were surrounded by people that, because their own problems and circumstances, gave us very distorted images of ourselves that wounded us. Instead of connecting to who we really are, many of us grew up identifying with these wounds and expending enormous amounts of energy trying hide them and fit in, forcing ourselves into a mold that constrained us instead of supporting us. For some of us, the wounds of life are very, very deep and painful, having gone through extreme traumas.

I endeavor to create with my clients a very safe, non judgmental and honoring space where you can see yourself, and experience being deeply seen at your core, in a respectful and appreciative way.  As you receive the reflection of all your strengths, qualities and uniqueness, you can choose and learn to de-identify from your wounds and get to develop a heartfelt appreciation for who you are.
In the process of releasing these wounds, we can face very strong emotions that many times seem very scary to us. Together we will create a gentle, supportive and safe container where you can explore, share and let go of those emotions and receive any guidance you may want.  There are many skills that you can learn about how to handle and release intense emotions in healthy and productive ways.

Together we will examine your beliefs- both those that you are aware of and those that are influencing your life in an unconscious way.  Our beliefs determine our thoughts, our actions and thus the results we obtain in the world.  Using the tools of Energy Psychology, we can transform the beliefs you have identified as incorrect and damaging into supporting beliefs in a matter of very few sessions per belief, instead of the months and years it may take with traditional psychotherapy.  And the beliefs will be changed at your gut level, not just your conscious mind.

I have observed many times in my own process and in that of my clients that we tend to get stuck when we face beliefs, emotions or issues that are “charged” for us.  I have found the tools of Energy Psychology extremely helpful: they seem to use our knowledge of our energy system (acupuncture points, meridians, chakras) to dissipate the “charge” and make the healing process flow more smoothly, gently and efficiently

When I work with my clients, we attend to what is happening in their minds, emotions, body and their actions in the world.  All these aspects of ourselves are a unity and need to function in an integrated and balanced way to support full mental and physical health.  We also explore and nurture your creativity and your connection to your spirituality- they are powerful forces that nourish our growth.

I find that self care is an area key to develop in the healing process.  In our society we are bombarded by messages about pushing ourselves, taking a pill to keep functioning, and we start creating the belief that taking care of our needs is selfish.  None of us would dream to run a car without gas or maintenance- and we do that to ourselves all the time.  Achieving radiant health and an abundant life can happen when we learn and commit to taking exquisite care of ourselves.

Each one of us is unique and has different ways that we assimilate information.  I keep adding different tools to my toolkit, knowing that what may work for one person may not be the best for another person.  I work collaboratively with my clients to find what works best for them, and I welcome and encourage feedback at any point of your process.
Healing is about you becoming more and more empowered. You are in charge of your own process and you can find the resources and practitioners that best work for you.  You have the capability to learn anything you need to learn to make your life more satisfying for you, and kindly and persistently you can apply those new learnings to create new results.

If you want to get more in depth knowledge of the tools I use, please visit the tabs on Energy Psychology /PSYCH-K™ and BodyTalk™/The Reconnection™.

May you find an approach that nourishes and supports you in your growth and healing!

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About Me:

I was born and raised in Venezuela- my parents emigrated there from Spain.  I have been living in the United Stated since 1992.  I have lived for short amounts of time in France, England, Spain and Japan.  My original culture gifted me with its warmth and capacity for connection.  I also have a bit of an accent that my clients find understandable and even warm and soothing. My travels and my life in the US have taught me to appreciate the preciousness of each culture and the profound challenges we face when we leave our support systems and build a life in an unfamiliar environment

I trained in Gestalt therapy in the early 80’s in Venezuela, and also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  I took a break from the world of counseling till the late 90’s when I trained in Hypnotherapy and Breathwork.  I earned my MA in psychology in 2003 from Antioch University in Seattle, where I studied different psychotherapy modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Jungian Psychotherapy and Psychodrama.   After graduation I have specialized in modalities that have been shown to be clinically effective in releasing trauma from the body: Somatic Experiencing/Somatic Transformation, Energy Psychology, BodyTalk, Psych-K and The Reconnection. I am a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, the Seattle Counselors Association, the International BodyTalk Association and the Washington BodyTalk Association.

Two of my most important trainings have come from my life experiences.  One has been the process of healing from early trauma and the other facing a chronic and debilitating disease.  My trauma healing process has deepened not only my understanding of effects of trauma on the body and mind but has helped me to cultivate my capacity for kindness, awareness and compassion for myself and others. It has also fueled my search for tools that are really effective in releasing trauma from the body, which I can now share with my clients.

I had a misdiagnosed chronic illness for five years that turned out to be Lyme disease.  The process of becoming aware what was happening with my health, of dealing with the medical system and of losing my ability to work forced me to deeply connect with my innermost resources and to search for new and deeper avenues of healing.  Through the fierce grace and teachings of the illness I have gained a deeper understanding of the dignity, integrity and enormous challenges faced by those of us that experience a chronic condition or disability. It has also deepened my commitment to serve this community with honor and respect.

Other professional experiences have also informed my practice. My first career was as a research scientist in the field of Cellular Biology.  I have an MBA from MIT.  I have worked in governmental and non-profit organizations in Venezuela and for a Fortune 500 company in the US, so I can relate to the pressures, fears and stress that many experience in our global business setting.

In my free time I love to practice yoga, meditate and sing.  I play with my creativity in different ways, lately focusing on doing ceramics.  I love to read, being in nature and cultivate nourishing friendships. I explore the richness and wisdom of different spiritual traditions. I cultivate joy in my life and enjoy bringing a sense of humor and appreciation to everything I do.

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I was going through intense physical pain and uncovering deep emotional issues last Spring 09. I was getting help from many healing modalities: Yoga, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Soma and Cranio Sacral.  All of this seemed to calm the body. BodyTalk helped visualize all of the issues into a ball and roll it over a cliff- gone, gone, gone!  I have never felt so much emotional baggage get lifted so easily I feel freer and happy not to have to drag around this stuff any longer.

Shortly thereafter my body healed and a new vision and birthing happened which has catapulted me into the next level of my life and business.

And that was from only one session! I feel I can trust Yolanda, she is respectful, non-judgmental, loving and caring. I see her dedication to sharing BodyTalk as an extension of her own healing and spiritual growth. Julia Bush Swanson, Carnation, WA

You helped me find a world that belongs to me, a softness that I never knew I had, a strength and courage to be honest, a want to love myself, with all this hunger to keep growing.  Watch for my books!  Pam, Seattle, WA

In my life there have been three therapist that have impacted my life.  The first got me into treatment.  The second help me put the pieces together after treatment. And you, Yolanda, who brought me out and showed me how to grow. John, Seattle, WA

Yolanda:  You are the light of the lighthouse.  Keep doing a good job guiding people through the troubled seas of life. Jason, Seattle, WA

I felt the experience (BodyTalk) to be very pleasant. I felt nurtured, cared about, safe and held. Janet Worthen, M. Ed, Guidance and Counseling

I have always believed that unprocessed emotions are stored in the body. Yolanda guided me thru the BodyTalk process. First, she set about finding areas of my life that needed work. This was done (1) with a series of questions (seemed to me like a very sophisticated procedure, that Yolanda easily walked thru) and (2) using the body, via muscle testing, to pinpoint places that needed healing/rearranging. Once that was done, she had me repeat affirmations, while moving her fingers in various patterns above my head, asking me to follow her fingers with my eyes. This served to integrate the affirmations, changes and healing into the mind AND my body at the same time. Brian, Bothell, WA

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