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Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. ~Rumi

Releasing trauma, stress and chronic illness patterns out of your body


Seattle psychotherapist Yolanda Aguirre, MA, CBP

Thanks for visiting these pages.

I acknowledge the growth and healing journey that has taken you to this site. It takes courage, persistence and dedication to look into ourselves and take action to change what is painful, unhealthy or does not serve us.  I honor that courage and dedication in you.

Your healing journey can also be a way of connecting with your creativity, your capacity for joy and your deepest life energy.  I hope you find in this website useful resources that can support you in enriching your life.
The purpose of these pages is for you to get to know a little about my services, my approach and myself so that you can decide if I may be an appropriate person for you to work with. 

My passion is to support my clients in the process of getting trauma, stress and chronic illness patterns out of their bodies, mind and emotions, so that they can heal and devote their energy to create a vibrant, joyful and abundant life.  Can you imagine how much energy would be available to you if you could disconnect the mechanisms that cause the constant stress, anxiety, hyper-alertness and guilt that many of us live with?
Since the early 80’s I have been training and experiencing different therapeutic modalities, looking for a way to release trauma from my system.

When I decided later in life to become a full time therapist, I was struck by the high proportion of my clients suffering from trauma which ended up developing chronic illnesses: chronic fatigue (CFIDS), fibromyalgia, MS, heart conditions, Crohn’s disease, iritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other chronic digestive problems, to name a few.  It seemed that the extreme level of stress occasioned by trauma was impairing their bodies capacities to heal at a physical level even if they had been able to release the impact of trauma from their emotions and thought patterns though traditional psychotherapy.  Trauma seemed to be lodged in their bodies.  And then I experienced the effect of trauma in my body first hand when I contracted a chronic illness.

I have devoted myself to find the most effective tools in psychotherapy and connected healing modalities that can help release patterns of trauma from the body, allowing the body to reduce the levels of stress and heal itself.  I have trained in Energy Psychology, BodyTalk, Psych-K,  Reconnective Healing and Somatic Transformation, testing these tools first in my own healing process.  These modalities have been profoundly healing for me and my clients and I hope you get to experience their power with either me or the practitioner that best fits your process.

May you be healthy and happy!